Det kommer nog inte som en nyhet att vi på Ninside är måna om att nå ut med information om mindre spelutvecklare som försöker förverkliga sina drömmar via Kickstarter, en plattform där kreativa projekt och idéer kan få hjälp att förverkligas genom sponsring och uppbackning från användarna.


För närvarande söker spelstudion Lefthanded Games Studio stöd för sitt nya spel The Legend of El Lobodestroyo VS. La Liga de Los Villanos. Spelet är ett actionbaserat plattformsspel i 3D inspirerat av 90-talets stora plattformsäventyr och i synnerhet det brittiska spelhuset Rares kritikerrosade Banjo Kazooie. Spelets tonvikt ligger på utforskande och samlande, ett koncept som verkligen gått hem hos Nintendo-fansen och fortfarande gör det än idag. Efter stor vädjan från spelets anhängare så bestämde sig Lefthanded Games Studio att se till så att möjligheten att göra en portning av spelet till Wii U skulle bli företagets största prioritet och valde därför att byta plats på kampanjens sekundära mål och peta ner Playstation 4 och Xbox One i prioriteringsordningen. Vi på Ninside är nöjda med beslutet och hoppas nu att kampanjen kan få allt stöd den behöver för att spelet ska förverkligas.


Vi har varit i kontakt med James Guy, Creative Director hos Lefthanded Games Studio för att ställa några frågor om deras kampanj och spelet som de alla brinner för. Intervjun är helt på engelska.


What are your biggest inspirations in the gaming industry in regards to what kind of game you want Lobodestroyo to become? What are the teams’ favorite 3D Action Platformers?


Lobodestroyo is firmly rooted in the platforming adventure titles on the Nintendo 64. Primarily the Rareware games. Most notably we draw inspiration from the Banjo-Kazooie games, which are our favorites, as well as their later adventure titles like Conker’s Bad Fur Day and DK64. From obvious gameplay mechanics right down to the wide cast of goofy characters- we are breathing in Rare’s influences as much as possible and hoping our fondness of their brilliant work will be channelled into Lobodestroyo.


How did you decide on the (as we interpret it) Central American/Mexican theme of Lobodestroyo? Or how would you like to describe the setting of the game and the feel you want to convey to the players?


The Mexican influence and luchador ties are very evident in the grounding of our hero Mutt and the legend of the ‘Lobodestroyo’ character. However the game quickly spirals into different worlds and themes including all the classic archetypes seen in past titles. Defeating each of the world bosses results in the player taking the masks of the bad guys and unlocking their abilities/moves, so we get a little more of the luchador theme in that way as well. Our character’s belt, Dorado, has a very inspired voice that harkens back to traditional Mexican ledges also.


Mutt’s belt Dorado is used as an extendable health bar, but we assume it has a bigger role to play.


How did you come up with the idea for the game’s protagonist, basically, why did Mutt end up the way he did? Did you go through a lot of different concepts before deciding on the current character?


Mutt is an amalgamation of Daxter, Banjo, Crash and Ratchet in his physical design. This is again, in tribute to the characters of adventure games past. His character’s personality more closely resembles Po from Dreamworks’ Kung-Fu Panda movies in his naive but determined approach to his adventures.


Are you planning on incorporating any interesting features or gameplay mechanics that will set Lobodestroyo apart from other games in the same genre? How will you manage to not get Lobodestroyo regarded as the runt of the litter, so to speak, compared to other similar games in the genre?


We are actually taking a somewhat backwards approach to gameplay mechanics. The basic gameplay will consist of platforming, collection, exploration and combat. And we really don’t want to stray away from that. No pop-up mini game tasks or ham-fisted vehicle segments… this is an adventure game. No more no less. My concept from the beginning has been to avoid shifting the focus to tedious micro-games when people are here to explore and collect things!


How do you feel about the opportunity to join the Free the Games fund for the realization of this project? Do you see any problems arising from the initial exclusivity to the OUYA or do you only see it as an extra opportunity to put more effort into your other (if any) console ports?


The OUYA is a kickstarted system and throughly embraces the crowd-funding community. I think it’s amazing that they are offering the Free The Games Fund as an opportunity to fellow developers. I can’t stress enough how delighted we are to be accepted into the program, and sincerely hope that we will have a successful enough campaign for Ouya to match our raised funds. There has been a bit of backlash from other console enthusiasts who don’t play on an Ouya. Which is inevitable in the console-war environment the games industry is today. However it’s important to point out that we couldn’t make this game at all if it wasn’t for the Ouya and this program. We are extremely appreciative of the opportunity.




As a Nintendo-oriented website we at Ninside rejoiced when we found out in your second campaign update that you decided to switch the order of the stretch goals to allow for a port on the Nintendo Wii U first hand. How is the initial response from your backers, and are you yourselves happy with this decision?


The response has been very positive. We where happy to make the shift. The original idea was to go for the cheaper goals first to get the game out on as many platforms we could. Clearly we underestimated the kinship Nintendo gamers have with this type of game! I am excited at the Nintendo response we have had and hope that the vocal Nintendo gamers are able to support the campaign and become backers.


Assuming your Wii U stretch goal is reached, are there any additional features that you have planned or discussed and can give a hint about regarding the Wii U port that may be enabled through support of the Wii U gamepad? Or are you more in line with optional features to keep support of the Wii U Pro Controller?


Being that we are still very much shy of the initial goal I don’t want to get too far into our stretch goals for fear of jinxing the project. So there’s nothing specific I want to express at this stage concerning the Wii-U version of Lobodestroyo. But yes, there will be changes made to fully take advantage of the platforms capabilities. Personally I am a Pro Controller kinda guy, so that will be the intended direction initially. However alternate control options and expanded touch-screen functionality are certainly in the cards.


”Eekum bokum.” The game is filled with oldschool gaming nostalgia.


Have you discussed the future prospects of Lefthanded Games Studio beyond the scope of Lobodestroyo? If your campaign is successful, you finish the game, and it’s well received by the audience, would you consider making another game, perhaps something totally different or maybe even a sequel?


Again, for fear of getting ahead of myself I wont go into depth, but I will say that Lobo was written with the intent to be expanded, not only in the original title but for future titles as well. The team will certainly make efforts to tap into other genres down the road. I myself am very keen on doing a side-scrolling brawler like the coin-op arcade games I grew up playing (Turtles in Time, and The Simpsons are two of my favorite games of all time).


And finally, are you plotting to include more obscure Easter eggs or references to old-school platformers or well-known franchises that the hard-core fans can appreciate? I guess there’s no denying that the Tiki-person’s “Eekum bokum” from your trailer is an obvious reference to Mumbo Jumbo from the Banjo-Kazooie franchise?


Oh yes! The dialogue is steeped in throwback references and the worlds themselves (and the characters within them) are going to be filled with gaming nostalgia. The Tiki Folk in the trailer are perfect examples. The Mumbo-speak and their movements are throwbacks to Banjo-Kazooie and Monkey Island. The token collection screen in the trailer also has a Mario Sunshine reference for those who are familiar.


”Token Get!!” is a reference to the Engrish expression used in Super Mario Sunshine when Mario collects Shines.


Of course I have to offer you the chance to speak freely to our readers. Seems like the polite thing to do! So is there some little secret you would like to share or perhaps a message you would like to convey?


Haha, well that is rather polite! Now I’m on the spot, I am not really sure what to say… I suppose I’d like to impress upon your readers how much we really do need their support. I quickly discovered that a game as ambitious as Lobo doesn’t come for free. The team and I are all working on this game for the fun of it, and are not making any money off of the funds raised. The money is going straight into software, licences, development tools etc. We know we can deliver the game we want to make, and we hope that your readers, and the internet gaming community as a whole, will give us the chance to do just that.


I thank you for your time and wish you the best of luck with your Kickstarter campaign. We at Ninside will try to spread the word the best we can and hope that our readers will do the same.


Om ni vill veta mer om projektet så besök spelets Kickstarterkampanj eller hitta Lobodestroyo på sociala medier (Facebook) där du kan läsa mer om spelet, se konceptbilder och lyssna på musiken och låta dig inspireras av detta högintressanta spel som du kan vara del i att förverkliga. Ta dig gärna tid att stödja utvecklarna genom att backa projektet om du tycker det verkar intressant eller genom att sprida ordet om Lobodestroyo. Vi på Ninside kommer med intresse följa kampanjen som slutar den 11:e december.



Författare: Johan "Cleefuzz" Andersson
Publicerat den 24 november, 2013

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